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Readyr Pioneers a Revolutionary Movement to Rebuild National Resilience & Empower a Future-Ready Society

  • Revolutionising Resilience: Readyr launches a groundbreaking initiative to strengthen national resilience by centralising resources to make future readiness a part of daily life.
  • Unique Solutions at Your Fingertips: From safety and security to health and financial well-being, Readyr’s platform offers an impressive line-up of useful and fashionable products. 
  • Readyr LIVE 2024: It all starts with the UK’s first pro-resilience event at the NEC, featuring expert-led sessions and interactive activities to enhance resilience and provide a unique learning experience.
  • Access Empowerment for Free: Crucial information and tools to create an empowered community.


Today’s fast-paced world of online interactions and unparalleled convenience has reached a scale that would have been inconceivable fifty years ago. Cloud-based gadgets now make smart living the norm, and artificial intelligence is revolutionising our daily routines.  We’ve grown accustomed to the comfort and convenience of instant, on-demand services. From medical help and fitness advice to food delivery, everything we need is at our fingertips and available at the click of a button. 

The world has become smaller and more connected. With more accessible international travel, we can go wherever we want, whenever we want. Social media platforms have given everyone a voice, making the world even more interconnected. However, this also means we are exposed to new threats and challenges.

Our lifestyles are undeniably more comfortable than ever, yet this comfort has come at a cost. Our dependence on others has led to a gradual loss of essential skills and practical knowledge, which is detrimental to our national resilience. We’ve become used to instant gratification and are often unprepared for hardships, making us more vulnerable to the unforeseen.  Our ability to travel globally exposes us to natural disasters and disease spread, as demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Cybersecurity issues pose a real danger, and the thought of how our lives would be affected if the internet, our devices, and instant services failed is alarming.   And we’re bombarded with round-the-clock news about global issues, which exposes us to challenges once foreign to us, often without offering any solutions.    Screens and keyboards are replacing face-to-face interactions, and we’re losing the ability to form meaningful connections. We’ve become immersed in a digital world of conflicting information, leading to scepticism about whom to trust and weary of hidden agendas.  The lack of clear guidance and a sea of misinformation online highlights the pressing need for reliable, factual information and tools to strengthen our resilience when life gets tough.   The idea of improving national resilience is often heard in speeches, articles, and manifestos; however, to this point, the gap between leaders and actionability on an individual level has not been meaningfully addressed.  The COVID-19 pandemic was a harsh wake-up call that showed us how vulnerable we are in many areas of our lives and how quickly things like health, the economy, and social frameworks can fall apart. As a result, 83% of UK adults want to be ready for the unexpected, but 53% don’t know where to start.

The trouble is, it’s apparent improving your resilience isn’t as easy as one might think.   Current online resources are dull and unengaging, lacking the motivational and aspirational messages that people need. Many skill-learning sessions require a time commitment and have become stigmatised over time, which can be off-putting for many people. It’s hard to know which information to trust, and building resilience means piecing together information, skills, and useful products from numerous sources.

Recognizing these challenges, Readyr is stepping up with a first-of-its-kind solution in the UK, positioning resilience as a desirable lifestyle goal and simplifying resilience-building by centralising everything in one accessible place. The brand’s mission is to empower the nation with trustworthy, expert-led content, practical skills, innovative products, and interactive tools accessible to all.

To do this, Readyr has two main components: digital and face-to-face.  Readyr LIVE, the UK’s first-ever fully immersive pro-resilience event, launches in October 2024 and will mark the official kick-off to the Readyr solution.   It seeks to reframe people’s approach and mentality towards resilience with a dynamic hands-on experience where attendees can engage directly with experts and learn practical resilience strategies. Without a dull moment, people can expect a vibrant atmosphere packed with hands-on taster sessions for essential skills, cutting-edge solutions from the most forward-thinking brands, and engaging advice directly from the experts.

For the knowledge-thirsty,  Readyr is building an online content hub, boasting an impressive collection of expert-led bite-sized articles, interviews, podcasts, books, and videos designed to educate and empower the community to see every challenge as an opportunity. Alongside the content hub, Readyr is compiling an online toolkit for its community. Currently in development, it will include a series of resources, tools and downloads designed to offer practical solutions in a personalised format. This will include features such as a live A&E wait times tool, ‘grow your own’ guides, a useful services directory, holiday travel fact sheets, and a current scam database, to name just a few.

Functional safety and protection products have significantly improved in style over the years, and Readyr is at the forefront of this trend. The innovative brand collaborates with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring practical yet fashionable solutions together, available for purchase online or at the Readyr LIVE event. The Readyr community can explore a curated selection of products that blend seamlessly into the most stylish households and include everything from wearables to security solutions. Whether browsing our online shop or attending the event, visitors will find items that make being ready for whatever the future holds both easy and enjoyable.

As you can imagine, resilience refers to many essential topics. Readyr’s expert content, recommended products, and strategies cover every angle, from safety and security at home and work, health and well-being, and financial security to online safety and fundamental life skills.

Emily Peat, Founder of Readyr, comments, “What’s most exciting is that brands are beginning to realise the necessity of meaningfully supporting their customers, and Readyr is leading this transformation. It places them at the forefront of a movement that empowers people to take control of their future.”

Peat continues, “We’ve got a lot going on behind the scenes. Our main focus is delivering our inaugural event at the NEC in Birmingham and building the online toolkit. These invaluable resources will greatly help people get excited and more confident about the future. We are also working on an achievements and incentives program, carefully designed to motivate people to stay on track and level up their life game.  We want to nurture and grow a community where everyone can learn, share, and grow stronger to create a safer, more empowered world. Although we are a commercial entity, we believe everybody should be able to have this essential information, so we have kept our live event ticket prices low and our online content free to all.   We’re doing more than just equipping people for the unimaginable; we’re empowering people to embrace the unpredictable to become unstoppable. We want people to embrace innovation and live their lives to the fullest with the confidence that they have it in hand if something happens. After all, aren’t we more likely to jump higher if we know we have a safety net in place?”

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Revolutionising Resilience: Readyr launches a groundbreaking initiative to strengthen national resilience by centralising resources to make future readiness a part of daily life. Unique Solutions...