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Today’s world presents complex and unique challenges - the effects of climate change, overburdened emergency services, digital information overload, and financial instability, to name a few.

Times have changed, and luxuries we often take for granted can suddenly be rendered useless. It’s not until this happens that we realise how ill-equipped we are to deal with these hurdles - obstacles that may not have felt so hard to navigate fifty years ago.

embrace the unpredictable... become unstoppable.

At Readyr, our mission is to ensure your resilience keeps up with our ever-modernising world, so you can successfully navigate those difficult times and bounce back stronger than ever. We cut through the noise and the sea of misinformation online to empower you with the tools you need for a ‘ready for anything’ mindset.

Most importantly, we know life is hectic, so to save you time, we bring together everything you need, from information and products, to real-life hands on skills - all in one place!

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The pressure of making ends meet financially

Record high inflation levels, higher food prices, skyrocketing mortgage costs and rising fuel rates are the reality. Combined with stagnant wages, it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet. 

Climate change & environmental damage

With weather events across the globe becoming evermore extreme, it’s difficult to ignore the worrying effects of climate change. You constantly hear about global warming, but nothing about how to handle the effects...

Increased global mobility

Global travel has never been as easy as it is now, with access to cheap flights to exotic locations across the globe. However with this comes greater exposure to disease and natural phenomena that we're simply not used to in this country. 

Technological imbalance

Everything today seems to be digitised, which brings with it concerns around cyber safety. With new gadgets designed to make our lives easier at the touch of a button, it can be easy to feel ‘lost’ when it fails.

Lack of trust in the media

We're more connected than ever in terms of news in the digital age, but it's hard to separate opinions from facts and escape the 24/7 doomsday narrative. Modern paradigms like AI and Deep Fake make trust a real issue these days.

Struggling emergency services

Chronic underfunding of the NHS and emergency services have led to longer wait times and no guarantee that help will arrive when you need it the most.

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