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what’s on at Readyr LIVE

Get ready for the future with Readyr LIVE’s diverse range of experiences, with each one designed to teach, inspire, and empower.  From hands-on workshops to insightful talks, our carefully curated programme offers value to anyone wanting to improve their resilience against tomorrow’s world.

See Amazing Products

Experience innovation firsthand with live demonstrations showcasing the latest in future readiness. Explore cutting-edge products made to enhance your resilience.

Live Theatre

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Immerse yourself in the Readyr LIVE Theatre and experience a mix of thought-provoking talks, dynamic panel discussions, and live demos.

Meet the Experts

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Engage directly with industry experts for invaluable insights and advice on how to handle life’s challenges with confidence

Hands on Readyr

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These practical workshops teach you essential survival skills, from crisis handling to life-saving techniques, empowering you for the unexpected

Readyr @ Home

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Learn how to make simple yet impactful changes to your living area and explore practical steps towards a more eco-friendly and cost-effective way of life.

Growing Your Own 101

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Get a feel for sustainable living with demos on how to cultivate your own food. Get practical advice on how to life a self sufficient lifestyle.

VR Zone

Brought to you by Readyr

Find yourself amidst the chaos of a simulated global catastophe, and emerge empowered with crucial crisis management insights with help from our educational guides.

The Pantry

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Master the art of preparing a pantry ready for any scenario. Discover sustainable food storage secrets and the latest innovative solutions for long-term food preservation.

Free Pre-Winter Vehicle Check

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Is your vehicle ready for the colder months ahead? Receive a free pre-winter check before the seasons starts so that you can rest assured that you’re driving safely.

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