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Readyr LIVE press passes

There is no better place to find what Readyr’s all about than our live event.

This year, our event will take place at the prestigious National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK.

We receive numerous press pass applications, highlighting the substantial interest in our event. Our primary objective remains consistent: to ensure top-tier event coverage by our press pass recipients.

Applicants span various platforms, including social media, YouTube, blogs, and publications. We meticulously vet and approve applications from those we believe will enhance our event’s overall quality.

Key Selection Criteria

1. Consistency & Engagement: We assess posting regularity and audience engagement. Consistent, engaged creators have a more significant impact.
2. Relevance: Priority is given to applicants whose content aligns with our event’s themes and focus, ensuring resonance with our audience.
3. Audience Reach: Audience size and engagement are pivotal. A broader reach allows wider event exposure.
4. Past Attendees: Previous attendees’ contributions and engagement are considered, impacting our decision-making.

Our commitment is to curate a group of press pass recipients who effectively capture our event’s essence and share it with their audiences. We value the dedication of our media partners in ensuring our event’s resounding success.


If you plan to film during the event, please visit the organiser’s office to obtain a ‘Permission Pass.’ Additionally, if you intend to record any products showcased at the exhibition, kindly seek permission from the exhibitor beforehand.

Apply for a Pass Now

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