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When we think of products that help keep us safe, or serve a functional purpose, we automatically think of drab and outdated designs. Definitely not what you would imagine fitting in with your beautiful home decor!

Thankfully, the tides have turned and retailers are taking the time to make their products look great as well as functional.

We know you are super busy, so we have brought together a selection of useful products in one place so you don’t have to endlessly scour the internet looking for something both functional, but stylish as well.

New products are being added all the time, so keep popping back to see what’s new. As with shopping for any product, please ensure the product meets your requirements before purchasing and take the time to read the reviews.

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Recently Added

Travel Money Belt

RFID Against Invisible Theft Secret Wallet Hidden Under Clothes Belt Wallet Security Travel Pouch

Portable Door Lock Travel Lock

Additional Safety and Privacy Lock Security Personal Protection for Traveling Home Apartment Living Hotel Motel

Diyife Portable Safe Box

Waterproof - Travel Safe Combination Case, Anti-Theft Security Box with 4-digital Code, Lock Box with Removable Wire Rope for Hotels, Travel, Sports, Venues, Office, Vacation

Portable Power Station, 154Wh Portable Power Source

Powering Up to 5 Devices at The Same Time: ALLPOWERS portable power station is equipped with a 154 watt-hour battery pack.

High Yield Seeds for Growing Veggies at Home

Vegetable seeds for planting: Go ahead & indulge that ‘green’ thumb! Plant & grow your own vegetables at home using the seed mix offered

Jamieson Brothers® Winter Vegetable Seeds

Carrot Cabbage Cauliflower Curly Kale Leek Beetroot - 6 Varieties - Over 6400 Seeds

5-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner 9000/12000BTU, WIFI Smart App Compatible

2/3 Speeds Fan with Sleep Mode, Remote Control, 24H Timer & Digital Display (12000BTU, 3 Speeds)

Portable Ice Ring Neck Cooler Personal Cooling Tube Neck Wraps

Neck Wraps for Summer, Hot Weather, Freezes Below 64°F, Cold Ice Pack Gel for Indoor Outdoor Workers, Sports

Basic Care First Aid Kit, 56 Pieces, Green

The essential Kit for treating pain, swelling, cuts, scrapes, burns and more, Lightweight and compact - All you need for unexpected events - Ideal for camping, sports and outdoor activities

MASTER LOCK Key Safe Wall Mounted

Outdoor, Mounting Kit, for Home Office Industries Vehicles

Emergency Sleeping Bag, Survival Sleeping Bag, Survival Bivvy Bag

Warm Tube Tent, Ultralight, Heat-Repellent, Cold Protection, Rescue Tent for Outdoor Use

LifeStraw Peak Series- Water Filter Straw for Backup Filtration

Protects against bacteria (including E.coli, Salmonella), parasites (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium), microplastics, silt, sand, and cloudiness
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